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Stephanie Wells

Stephanie works as a content strategist and human resource manager for Awmous, LLC. She holds Bachelor's degrees in Business/Marketing and Accounting as well as an MBA From Wright State University. She is an avid reader and lover of music. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

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    Sitemap Templates & Examples for Websites [Free]

    A sitemap is a visual display of the content on a website, including videos, images, files, and page. Sitemaps are used by web designers, web visitors, and search engines to plan and/or navigate the content of a website. There are 3 general types of sitemaps: Visual sitemaps used by web designers and developers, HTML sitemaps used by site visitors (like this sitemap from Supercuts.com), and XML sitemaps used by web crawlersContinue reading

    Jan 13, 20208 min read