Content Strategy

Before you build a website, it’s essential to do some planning first. This includes creating a content strategy during the development process. You want to plan the writing style, requirements and goals of your written text and other online content ahead of time. The process of content gathering must correlate with your audience’s needs.

Many people create sites using an approach known as Design First. They put so much concentration into the look of the site that they neglect to create quality, value-focused content for their visitors. But they forget that it is the written text that helps search engines determine where your website appears in search queries. It’s also the content that provides the information they seek.

Using a Content First strategy means aligning your site’s design in a way that supports your content. The website is built around the various pieces, so everything fits together seamlessly. Simply spend more time pre-planning your digital content strategy before building your site.

A digital content strategy helps you create a comprehensive roadmap for publishing online. That way, you don’t waste time later changing layouts to complement content. Plus, you don’t spend unnecessary time creating unusable content that you don’t even need.

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